Tom Hood announces the release of his 3rd CD in Florida with the Tropical Sons… “Tonite at Trader Toms”.  This CD was recorded at Mungo Mania Studios in Clearwater and Tom plays Ukulele on all the tracks. The songs are reminiscent of the 50-60″s Tiki Bar scene and play well when with a Mai Tai, Goombay Smash  or ice cold beer.

Joining him on this recording are Vinnie Mungo on Bass, Keyboards and Drums and Peter Grace on Lead Ukulele and Spanish Guitar.

“Its My Black & White World” is my second release in Florida and delves into my love of the mid 60’s rock n roll revolution. I wrote these songs and their themes with a retro sixties feel and the title track takes me back to the times when there was Black & White TV and Movies and the world as presented thru that colorless perspective.

Our First CD,  Too Much Sun, contains 10 originals by the band and was recorded at Zen Studios.

It is available for purchase or digital download at CD Baby

The Tropical Sons Blend Original Rock, Blues, Country and Island Songs with your favorite Covers from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.d0e390a77a4270f82499500f65fe3ec9

Tom Hood has been a performing singer and song writer for many years and has recorded over a dozen original CDs with his various bands..,The Trailmen,… Unknown Gentlemen…, Lex and The Hood,… Dirty Water Dogs,… Raw Edge …. Empty Suits.

Currently residing in Tarpon Springs Florida, Tom plays at local venues including Skippers Smokehouse, Dunedin Brewery, Ka Tiki Bar, Joli Mons, Tampa Farmers Market, 8th Avenue Pub, The Brewhouse, The Dockside, Porpoise Pub, Bradys BBQ, Crabby Bills. as well as special events, fundraisers and private parties.

Tom has appeared on several network Television and Radio shows and is a member of BMI.fba84162a869f9f33be771feec46ad87

Book Tom and the band for your next event. Available as Solo, Duo or 3- 5 Piece Band Based on Budget and Venue. Call Tom 631-276-9329 or email cyberbands@yahoo.com